I'm not entirely sure whether this should be clasified as a clock or a watch but I'm including it here....

This is a Hamilton Model #21 Marine Chronometer. These were used by the U.S. Navy as ships timepieces and were basically the most accurate timepieces ever designed. In good running condition, these can keep time to within a few seconds per week! The Model #21 has 14 jewels, an oversized fusee movement and an up-down wind indicator. The serial number on this one is 6019 and it dates to 1945.

When used on ships, these chronometers were housed in special gimballed wooden boxes that kept it perfectly level against the motion of the boat. When they were decomissioned, however, the Navy threw out many of the original boxes to make storage easier. This particular chronometer has a custom blown glass cover protecting the movement and a nice wooden stand with which to display it.


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