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Clock #3

General: Banjo Clock. Highly decorative frosted glass.

Maker: Seth Thomas Clock Company [General Time Corp.]


Date: c. 1950's?

Size: 25 inches high [not including eagle] x 9 1/2 inches wide. 5 1/2 inch dial.

Comments: I purchased this clock at an antique market for $160. I had just started collecting clocks, and this was going to be my second. The dealer tried to convince me that this was a 19th-century clock, but I figured it was more likely from around the 1920's. In any case, it was a very beautiful clock with a pleasant chime, and it was worth $160 to me [he originally wanted $180 for it]. I did some research, and was a little dismayed to discover that the clock was made by Seth Thomas after they had been acquired by "General Time Corporation" sometime in the 1930's, and that the company continued to make banjo clocks well into the 1970's. After doing even MORE research, I now believe this clock was actually made sometime in the 1950's. So, technically, this may not be an antique afterall. Still, it really is a nice clock.....

To hear this clock chime, click HERE.

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