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Clock #5

General: 10 inch drop octagon "Schoolhouse", 8-day strike.

Maker: Japanese [Korean?] "knock-off" of 19th century schoolhouse-style clock

Model: ???

Date: circa 1920's

Size: 22 inches high x 12 inches wide. 8 inch dial.

Comments: I purchased this clock at a two-day antique show, 20 minutes before the show closed on the second day. The seller was claiming it was a 19th century clock and was asking $300 for it. I knew it wasn't that old, but I felt it was still a beautiful clock. We haggled a bit, and I ended up buying it for $150. I later found out that it was a Japanese imitation of a 19th century clock and had value of approximately $150-200. I'm happy with this. It may not be an authentic 19th-century clock, but it is still an antique and I really like the way it looks and sounds.

To hear this clock chime, click HERE.

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