Date of Contest Entry December 22, 2003
Description Radio host Sean Hannity has a new book coming out, but the cover could use some work:

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Comments This is probably my most artistic and difficult entry to date. Rather than simply cut and paste the head from the original image onto a Magritte painting, I decided to recreate and reinterpret a Magritte painting using real elements. The only thing I used from the original Magritte was the bowler hat, since I couldn't find a good image of a real bowler. And then, just to make it "funny" and not simply a display of skill, I decided to play up the fact that Magritte was French and replace the Statue of Liberty with the Eiffel Tower, the New York Times with Le Monde, etc.

After I did my main entry for this contest, I created a couple of other entries, just for the fun of it:

The first one plays off the propensity of certain farkers to use "cliched" images such as Admiral Ackbar (the fishfaced alien from Star wars) in every single contest entry. Lest anybody accuse me of hypocrasy, I did not enable voting on this one.

The second one was in response to a recent discussion thread on Fark where people discussed the crappy Christmas bonuses they had received this year. One person wrote that all they received was a hot cocoa sampler box, and for the next few days every photoshop contest included a reference to this.

All contest entries are copyright 2003 by Barry S. Goldberg. Feel free to download and use these images for private use, but please don't take credit for my work (i.e., I'd be flattered to see one of my pictures being used on someone else's homepage, but not as "their" winning entry in a photoshop contest!)

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