Date of Contest Entry January 7, 2004
Description What is NASA trying to hide in the lower left corner?

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Comments Well, this one caught me by surprise! I originally did the entry with the SCI-FI Channel logo, thinking that it had a good chance to win, and it actually came in 4th place with a whopping 171 votes. Then, just because I was in a strange mood, I decided to do another 3 entries. The one with the protesting aliens did pretty well with 90 votes (10th place), and the one with the sand monster from the old Outer Limits episode "Invisible Enemy" got only 31 votes. The entry with the finger blocking the lens, though, was really just an afterthought, and I figured I'd get a few chuckles at best. As it turned out, not only did it win, but it got a truly stunning 310 votes (my previous best was "only" 280 votes). Go figure....

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