Date of Contest Entry February 3, 2003
Description Theme: Sci-fi movie gadgets in everyday life
Source Images
Comments Whenever it snows and I find myself having to shovel tons of snow from our sidewalk and driveway, I find myself thinking how nice it would be to have control of one of those satellites you see in sci-fi movies that send down heat rays. You gotta watch out for passing flocks of geese, though....

This particular entry was a lot of fun to create, and it was my first attempt at making an unusually tall picture. Once I figured out how to use Photoshop's "gradient" tool, however, it all fell into place. Fark photoshop contest entries cannot be more than 1200 pixels tall, and that's how tall this image originally was when I submitted it to the contest. After the contest was over, though, I went back and quadrupled the height of the image for this page, just for the fun of it.

All contest entries are copyright 2003 by Barry S. Goldberg. Feel free to download and use these images for private use, but please don't take credit for my work (i.e., I'd be flattered to see one of my pictures being used on someone else's homepage, but not as "their" winning entry in a photoshop contest!)

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Theme: Sci-fi movie gadgets in everyday life