Barry S. Goldberg's

Miscellaneous Photoshop Gallery


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This is a much smaller (for now) gallery of images that were not created specifically for a contest, but instead for my own enjoyment. Often I was trying to master a new technique or replicate an effect I saw in somebody else's image (when I see an image I really like, I frequently try and see whether I can do something similar, just for the heck of it). Click on a thumbnail image below to display the full image:

Real Escher

Bug Light

Infinite Portrait

Spaghetti Bowl

The Deli Llama

Watch Out!

Earth Egg

Knotty Pine

Killer Strawberry

Cubic Earth

Tasty Earth 1

Tasty Earth 2

Tasty Earth 3

Earth Drop

Planetary Pool

Peace On Earth 3

Mini Whales

All images are copyright Barry S. Goldberg. Feel free to download and use these images for private use, but please don't make money off of my work (i.e., I'd be flattered to see one of my pictures being used on someone else's homepage, but not as "their" winning entry in a photoshop contest!) Also, I wouldn't mind a little credit...