Nice English chain-driven lever fusee "chronograph" pocket watch. 17 jewels. Dial and movement marked "Palin Nantwich & Market Drayton". Hallmarks on sterling silver case date it to ca. 1884. The watch is 55mm in diameter and has a nice mineral crystal. Case is unengraved except for a large uninitialed shield on the back. Watch has a sweep second hand and a slide switch to start and stop the watch for calibration [a "hack" button]. These watches could be matched exactly to a more accurate watch [such as a ship's chronometer] and then "carry" that exact time to a different location.

This watch is in need of a cleaning and perhaps more, and is currently "in the shop". Because it's a fusee, it may be awhile before I get it back, and it's possible the cost to repair it will end up being more than the watch is worth.

Dust Cover

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