This is a wonderful chronograph made by the New York Standard Watch Co. [of New Jersey, believe it or not!] It's a size 16 and has seven jewels. It's stem wind and pendant set, and a button on the top of the crown controls all the chronograph functions [start, stop & fly back]. The case is Keystone "SILVEROID". The nickel movement is nicely damaskened. With the exception of a pinpoint ding on the back of the case, the watch is in pristine condition, and the chronograph functions perfectly.

This particular pocket watch was used in the filming of the PBS production of "Houdini" [part of their "American Experience" series]. The show was produced by a local television station, WGBH, and I was contacted when they were looking for an early 20th century chronograph to film a scene where Houdini's wife, Bess, times how long Harry can stay submerged in ice cold water. It's a really short scene, but the watch is clearly identifiable. If you'd care to see a very brief video clip [about 350k], click HERE


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