This is a 16 size Illinois "Bunn Special" pocket watch, grade 163, one of the finest railroad grade watches ever made. Not only does it have 23 jewels, but it also has a special 60-hour mainspring. As with all railroad grade watches from this period, it's stem wind and lever set. The serial number [5321828] dates it to about 1931. The watch is housed in an absolutely stunning white gold filled "Bunn Special" Model #28 case.

One interesting thing about this watch... Most Grade 163's are marked "163" right near the center wheel, whereas this one is marked "163" near the crown wheel. This is indicative of the type "I-R" Grade 163 [which is born out by the Illinois serial number and grade list] , and I've been told that there were only about 500 of these made.

Case Mark

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