In case you hadn't noticed, I really like Waltham pocket watches. And this one is the capstone of my Waltham collection!

This is a VERY early Waltham pocket watch. Unlike most of my Walthams which have serial numbers well into the millions, the serial number on this watch is only 3,985. which dates it to about 1855 [the company was formed in 1852]. In fact, this watch was actually made when the company was still called the "Boston Watch Company". The watch is an 18 size, Model 1857 and marked "Dennison, Howard & Davis" on the movement. It is key wind and key set, and has 15 sapphire jewels. It is housed in a solid 18-karat gold hunter case which still has some faint engravings left on it.

The watch movement has a cut, compensated balance which I believe is probably a replacement, since all the early Walthams I have seen had flat steel balances. Compensated balances did exist back then, and were often found on British watches, but I do not think Waltham used them during this time period. The dial, which is completely unmarked, may also be a replacement, since I believe it should be completely unsunk instead of having a sunken senconds bit. Finally, the bow appears to be a replacement, since it shows clear signs of brassing whereas the rest of the case is solid gold. Still, in spite of these problems, I believe the watch retains a considerable amount of historical value and is my favorite Waltham watch.

Dust Cover
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