This is a lovely Hebdomas-style [so named because Hebdomas was the original company to make and market these watches under a variety of names] pocket watch. It is distinctive both because of its exposed balance wheel and the fact that it is an 8-day watch. It's about 50mm in diameter and is stem wind and pin set. The case is not marked and is presumably base metal. The lovely painted porcelain dial is marked "8 DAYS" and "8 JOURS" [French for "8 DAYS"], as well as "LA LOGE". The movement cover is marked "ANCRE", "LEVES VISIBLE", "SPIRAL BREGUET , "8 DAYS", "8 JOURS", "8 DIAS" [Spanish for "8 DAYS"], "QUALITE SUPERIEURE GARANTIE" and "SWISS MADE".

These watches usually have extraordinarily long mainsprings, and I have NOT attempted to remove the movement cover to see inside the watch proper. This watch is circa the late 1800's or early 1900's.


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