What a watch! This is a very nice [and very hard to find] Waltham chronograph. It is a Size 14, Model 1874 and has 13 jewels. The serial number is 3160627, which dates it to about 1886. It is stem wind and lever set. The chronograph function consists of a center sweep second hand and a button on the side that causes it to start, stop and jump back to zero. The movement is incredibly complex, and what's ESPECIALLY nice about this one is that it is still in its original sterling silver Waltham hunter case.

I saw this watch for sale on eBay and it had a very low reserve. I was going to bid on it when I noticed that a good friend of mine was already the high bidder. So, I decided to pass, and he got it at a really great price. Well, soon after he got it he told me that he only bought it to resell, and since he knew I like Waltham watches, he'd offer it to me first at his cost. Needless to say....

Dust Cover
Case mark

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