This is a wonderful old pocket watch made by the E. Howard & Co. watch company of Boston, Massachusetts. Edward Howard was one of the original founders of the failed Boston Watch Company [which eventually became the American Waltham Watch Company], and when the original company folded in 1857 he started his own company. At first, he completed and sold unfinished movements from the original company, but he soon began producing his own line of very distinct and innovative watches. In fact, Howard was the first company to produce stem wound watches in the United States.

This particular watch has a serial number of 210494, which dates it to to anywhere between 1880 and 1889. It's a "N" size [close to a size 18] Series VII with 15 jewels, and is stem wind and pendant set. This watch was originally in a solid 14K gold case, but has been recased somewhere along the line in a nice gold-filled hunter case instead.

Dust Cover

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