This is an 16 Size Elgin Model #7, Grade #162. It is stem wind and pendant set. The gorgeous 3-finger bridge movement has 21 jewels, gold jewel settings and a solid gold gear train. It is housed in a nicely engraved gold-filled case. The serial number of 6469577 dates it to about 1896.

This watch used to be listed as a "one star" watch in Shugart's "Complete Price Guide to Watches", meaning that less than 2500 were known to exist. And, as such, it was listed as being rather valuable. Alas, that seems to no longer be the case. I suppose it's possible that a bunch of hitherto unknown examples were recently discovered, but I suspect it was simply an error in the listing that has now been corrected. Ah well, it may not be particularly rare or valuable, but it's still a terrific watch!

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