This is one of my favorite pocket watches! It was made by the American Waltham Watch Company of Waltham, Massachusetts. It's an 18 size, Model 1892, 17 Jewel, "P.S. Bartlett" Grade, and is stem wind and lever set. Now, I personally think that the Model #1892 was one of, if not THE, most beautiful watch movements ever made by any company, but what makes THIS one so special is the fact that the movement is actually two-tone! The watch is housed in a super nice open face open face base metal display case to show off the gorgeous movement. The dial is also pretty funky, with wiggly numerals that I'm told are called "Breguet Arabic" or "Dauphin" style [depending on who you ask]. The serial number is 16061731, which dates it to about 1908.


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