This is a lovely old Illinois pocket watch with a number of special features. The watch itself is a size 18, Model 6, with 17 jewels. It is stem wind and lever set. The serial number of 1233405 dates it to about 1896.

The first interesting feature of this watch is that the movement is 2-tone, meaning that there are two distinct colors on it. In this particular case, the movement has a checkerboard pattern of alternating gold and silver squares. The second interesting feature is the fact that the watch is housed in a display case with a front and back crystal -- just perfect for showing off the movement without having to open the back and expose things to the elements. The final, and perhaps most, interesting thing about this watch is that it is a private label or "jobber" watch. Although the dial says "Illinois Watch Co.", and it most definitely IS an Illinois watch, the movement is actually marked "Jos. A. Williams Boston, Mass". Mr. Williams was no doubt a local jeweler who sold the watch, and it was not all that unusual for watch companies to engrave the name of a jeweler on a watch instead of the company name. This has special significance to me because I live in the Boston area and the local connection is always nice.


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