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This is a Swiss-made quarter hour repeater in a sterling silver hunter case. It measures approximately 50mm in diameter and probably dates to the early 1900's. It is stem wind and pendant set and the movement has a lever escapement and 15 jewels. The repeater function is activated by a button near the 6.

Repeater watches chime or "repeat" the time at the push of a button or the slide of a lever, and were designed to allow the user to tell the time in the dark before electric lights were invented and became widespread. A quarter hour repeater such as this chimes the previous hour like a clock with a single ding for each hour, and then each previous quarter hour with a double-hammered "ting-tang".

To hear this watch repeat the time at 6:45, click HERE. Listen for the 6 normal chimes [one for each hour] followed by 3 "ting-tangs" [one for each quarter hour].

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