This is a 16 size Hamilton model "992" pocket watch, considered by many to be the definitive railroad watch and one of the main workhorses of the railroad for many years. It has 21 jewels and is adjusted to temperature and 5 positions. As with all railroad grade watches from this period, it's stem wind and lever set. The serial number is 1188576, which dates it to about 1911.

Two things really set this watch apart. The first is the marvelous "Montgomery" dial with marginal numbers from 1-60 along the outer edge. This is a true Montgomery dial, as evidence by the fact that the "6" is visible within the subsdiary seconds dial [other manufactureres, perhaps to avoid patent infringement, left the 6 out]. The second really nice thing about this particular watch is that it is housed in a factory made Hamilton display case, with glass crystals on both the front and back. These were used primarily by watch salesmen to show off the lovely movements without constantly exposing them to dirt and dust.

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