This is another "Special" watch that means a lot to me. It was made by the Illinois Watch Company of Springfield, Illinois. The serial number is 504528, which dates it to about 1886. It is a size 18, Model 2, Grade 100-S with either 11 or 15 jewels. It is stem wind and lever set, and has an unusual "Chalmer" patented regulator. The watch is housed in a extremely nice and highly engraved gold-filled hunter case.

Now, all that is very nice, and the watch would certainly be desirable based on these features alone [I especially like the box hinge case and had been looking for one like it for awhile]. But what makes it TRULY special to me is the fact that this is a private label watch with both the dial and the movement labeled "E. Goldberg." Now, I don't know who "E" was, and I'm sure he's no relation to me, but it's still incredibly nice to own a watch with my last name on it.

Dust Cover
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Close-up 1

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