This is an 18 size, 17 jewel Waltham Model #1899, "Santa Fe Route" Grade -- a special railroad watch either named for or actually made for use on the Santa Fe Railroad. Although later railroad grade watches had to have 19 and then 21 jewels, at the time this watch was made they could also have 17 jewels. It is stem wind and lever set, and is simply marked "adjusted" [probably adjusted to temperature and 3 positions]. The nickel movement is marked "Santa Fe Route" and is gorgeously damaskeened. The watch is housed in a nice gold-filled case. The dial, unfortuantely, is not original to the watch, since it should be marked "Santa Fe Route" the same as the movement. The serial number is 7454893, which dates it to about 1896.

This watch is listed in Shugart's "Complete Price Guide to Watches" as a "two star" watch, meaning that fewer than 1000 are known to exist.


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