This is a really wonderful pocket watch! The watch itself was made by American Waltham Watch Company and is a 16 size, Model #1908, "Marquis" grade with 15 jewels. It's stem wind & pendant set, and the serial number [21769934] dates it to about 1918. A nice watch, granted, but not overly unusual in and of itself.

The case, though, is something else! This watch was actually made specifically for the English Export market and it has been housed in a really stunning triple-hinged gold-filled "demi-hunter" case that allows you to tell the time even when the front cover is closed. Not only is the a little window in the front cover and numbers along the edge of the case, the hour hand actually has two spade pointers to indicate the hour whether the cover is open or closed. The inside of the back cover is marked "MOON" and "A.L.D. DENNISON WATCH CASE Co., Ltd." The inside of the dust cover is further marked "ENGLISH MAKE" and "GUARANTEED TO BE MADE OF TWO PLATES OF 10 CT GOLD WITH PLATE OF COMPOSITION BETWEEN AND TO WEAR 20 YEARS." The case also has some of the best engraving I have ever seen on the back of the case, with what looks like the letters "HB" in ornate script.

One additional note about the case: Aaron L. Dennison was one of the original three founders of the company that eventually became the American Waltham Watch Company. After that early company ran into financial dificulties and was sold at Sheriff's auction, Mr. Dennison eventually made his way to England where he started the watch case company that bears his name. At some point, he received an exclusive contract from the Waltham Watch Company to provide cases for all Waltham watches exported to London, which I always felt was rather fitting given his history with the company.

Dust Cover

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