What can I say? WOW!!! This is an 18 size Illinois "Bunn Special" pocket watch, once of the finest railroad grade watches ever made. As with all railroad grade watches from this period, it's stem wind and lever set, and it is also adjusted to temperature, isochronism and 5 positions. This watch has three important features that really set it head and shoulders above the rest of the pack, however...

First of all, the watch is housed in a absolutely mint condition, fancy, hunter case. 18 size Bunn Specials in hunter cases are quite uncommon, so that's one thing that makes this watch a little extra "special". Second, the case on this watch is 14k solid gold and in absolutely prisine condition. Third, and perhaps most impressively, this watch has a whopping 24 RUBY JEWELS!!! Now, we all know that railroad pocket watches didn't really NEED more than 21 jewels [for that matter, they probably didn't need more than 17 jewels to be as accurate as they were], but the extra jewels are sort of like the leather interior and the Bose stereo on the best luxury cars.

The serial number of this watch is 1404255, which dates it to right about 1900.

Dust Cover

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