This is a really nice old verge fusee in a sterling silver special triple case [one inner case that is attached to the movement and two outer cases]. The watch was made by the famous watchmaker George Prior of London, and was made expressly for the Turkish market [hence the strange markings on the dial]. The dial is marked "GEORGE PRIOR LONDON" and the movement is marked "G.PRIOR 12345" [great serial number, huh?] The watch is actually very tiny -- the movement proper measures only 28mm in diameter! The hands of the watch are thick gold and may not be original. the outer case is definitely a replacement, since it bears a different casemaker's mark than the inner case, and also has an English sterling hallmark for 1765, which is before George Prior was even born. The watch is, of course, key wind and key set, and dates to about 1810-1820.

Triple Cases
Outside Front
Outside Back
Open 1
Open 2
Fusee 1
Fusee 2
Inside Back

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