Ancient texts described a monstrous beast called a "camelopard" which was said to have the body of a camel, the spots of a leopard, the horns of an antelope, and the tail of a lion. Modern scholars, of course, laugh at the naiveté of these ancient writers, sure in their knowledge that what was really being described is what we today know as a giraffe.

However, it is interesting to note that not a single description of the camelopard included the one feature that we most associate with a giraffe (to wit, its long neck), leading some radical thinkers to suspect that maybe there really was such a creature as the "camelopard" after all....

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Date of Contest: May 17, 2004
Type of Contest: Advanced
Theme of Contest: "Chimaera"

Create a new animal using at least three but no more than four animals


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