Date of Contest: October 275, 2005
Type of Contest: Advanced
Theme of Contest: "Jack-O'Lantern Challenge"

Take the provided image of a pumpkin and turn it into a creative jack-o'lantern.

Comments: In case anybody is wondering, this is a slightly oblique reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was a BBC radio series, then a series of books, and then a TV series long before it was turned into a semi-entertaining but not really all that great American movie. The U.S. release of the books had on their cover, for reasons not likely to be explained again any time soon, a strange image of a green planet with a big toothy grin and thumbs sticking out of its ears (or the part of it's head where ears would be if, in fact, it had any ears. Which it didn't). Although my entry was not, in fact, green, it still managed to counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of the humanity of the artist's compassionate soul, which strives through the medium of the image structure to sublimate this, transcend that, and come to terms with the fundamental dichotomies of the other, and one is left with a profound and vivid insight into ... into ... into whatever the contest was about.

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