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Classic Coin Designs

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Bicentennial and Modern Coinage

Bicentennial: 1976-S Quarter (Silver Proof), 1976-S Kennedy Half Dollar (Silver Proof), 1976-S Eisenhower Dollar (Silver Proof)
Modern Coinage: 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar (Proof), 2000-S Sacagawea Dollar (Proof), 2007 George Washington Presidential Dollar (Proof), 2000-S Massachusetts State Quarter (Silver Proof), 2010 "Grand Canyon" America the Beautiful State Park Quarter (Silver Proof) , 2004 "Peace Medal" Westward Journey Jefferson Nickel (Proof), 2004 "Keelboat" Westward Journey Jefferson Nickel (Proof), 2005 "Bison" Westward Journey Jefferson Nickel (Proof), 2005 "Ocean in View" Westward Journey Jefferson Nickel (Proof), 2006 "Return to Monticello" Jefferson Nickel (Proof), 2009 "Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky" Lincoln Bicentennial Cent (Proof), 2009 "Formative Years in Indiana" Lincoln Bicentennial Cent (Proof), 2009 "Professional Life in Illinois" Lincoln Bicentennial Cent (Proof), 2009 "Presidency in Washington, D.C." Lincoln Bicentennial Cent (Proof), 2010 Union Shield Cent (Proof), 1986 Ellis Island Commemorative Silver Dollar, 2011-W Silver American Eagle (Proof), 2011-P Silver American Eagle (Reverse Proof)
  • The Commemorative Dollar in my album is just one of the many different modern commemorative dollars that have been minted since the first comemorative Olympics Silver Dollar was minted in 1983 to honor the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games.
  • The current Dansco 7070 album essentially stops at the year 2000, so the "Modern Coinage" section doesn't include varieties that have come out since then, such as the 2004 Westward Journey Nickel Series, the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cent Series, the 2010 America the Beautiful State Park Quarter Series, the 2010 "Shield" Lincoln Cent, etc. I have digitally added slots for these coins, however, and shuffled existing slots around a bit to make room.

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