My Dansco 7070 (U.S. Type Set) Album

Classic Coin Designs

The Dansco 7070 Album is (or, at least, was) a coin-collecting album with slots corresponding to most of the major different varieties of U.S. coins from the 19th and 20th centuries. It doesn't include every possible variety, but it is generally considered to be the best and most comprehensive U.S. Type Set album available and has been used for years by collectors who prefer to collect a little bit of everything instead of (or in addition to) focusing on specific types of coins. The Dansco 7070 album does not currently include any coins types or varieties produced after the year 2000 and is no longer being produced, although an updated version of the album has been promised for years.

This is my digital online 7070 Album, which includes photographs of all the coins currently in my actual Dansco 7070 (U.S. Type Set) Album as well as additional related items that do not fit into the album but which I enjoy having in my collection.

Please note the following:

  • I have done a little digital cutting and pasting so that the reverse of every coin is displayed immediately beneath the obverse, instead of on a separate page.

  • Text within brackets was added by me and does not appear on the album itself.

  • The Dansco 7070 Album does not actually have separate holes for such coins as the 1853 Liberty Seated Half Dollar with Arrows & Rays, 1853 Liberty Seated Quarter with Arrows & Rays, the multiple types of Three-cent Silver Pieces, the Heraldic Eagle Half Dollar and the 2011 Silver American Eagle Reverse Proof. I added them digitally because I feel they are distinctive types (and I happened to own one of each).

  • At the time I started assembling this digital 7070 album in late 2011, the actual 7070 album was no longer being published by Dansco and was scheduled to be "updated" sometime in the near future. The updated version will presumably have spaces for modern coins that have been minted since 2000 and may even include variations such as the "Arrows & Rays" Liberty Seated Quarters and Half Dollars. Last I heard, the updated version was scheduled to come out sometime in 2012 or 2013, but that obviously didn't happen.

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