Hampden Pocket Watches

History of the Hampden Watch Company
(Springfield, MA / Canton, OH 1877-1930):

In 1877 John C. Deuber, formerly the owner of a watch case company, bought a controlling interest in the New York Watch Mfg. Co. [located, despite its name, in Springfield, Massachusetts] and renamed it the Hampden Watch Company. In 1889 Mr. Deuber relocated the company to Canton, Ohio, where it remained until being bought out by a Russian company in 1930. Hampden made a wide variety of pocket watches of all sizes and grades, and they were the first American company to produce a 23 jewel watch in 1894. Production records for Hampden are sketchy at best, and it's not uncommon to find a model or grade which is not mentioned in any of the standard price guides.

-- from The New Collector's Guide to Pocket Watches, © 2000 Barry S. Goldberg

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Hampden "John Hancock" railroad grade pocket watch. 18 size, stem wind, lever set, 21 jewels. Heavy gold filled hunter case with gorgeous engravings on both the front and back. Stunning fancy glass enamel dial. Ca. 1898.
An 18 size Hampden "New Railway" pocket watch with 23 jewels. Railroad grade and approved, stem wind and lever set. Housed in a nicely engraved gold-filled case. Ca. 1909.

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