Hello, and welcome to my pocket watch collection! These are the watches that I buy just for myself and which I wear on a regular basis. Of course, I am always looking to "upgrade" my collection, and so I occasionally decide to sell some of these watches on eBay to make room [and to pay for] new additions to my collection. In general, I prefer to collect unusual pocket watches, including older key-wound watches. I've always been fascinated by the workmanship that went into making pocket watches, and this is especially true for the watches that were made by hand hundreds of years ago.

Due to the ever growing size of my collection, I have decided to break it down into various categories which can be seen on the menu to the left. Under "Companies" are various American watch manufacturers of which I own at least two examples. Under "Special Collections" are various types of watches I collect, both American and European, that are not necessarily tied to a particular manufacturer. Note that many of the watches that are listed under specific watch companies are also listed under one or more special collection categories.

You can, of course, also click on the "All Watches" link to see the entire collection in one gloriously unsorted chunk.

If anybody has some additional information about these watches that they would care to share with me, please send me an e-mail and let me know!

NOTE: Over the years, I have owned many hundreds of watches, many of which I eventually sold to help pay for other watches. Due to the limited amount of web space available to me, I have always removed the pictures and information of watches once I sold them. However, in April of 2003 I got married and have had to sell a few items from my collection in order to pay for the sundry costs associated with the wedding, honeymoon, and purchase of a home. Since I am not planning on buying any more watches in the near future, I have decided to leave my on-line watch collection as it is, even though some of the watches listed here are no longer still in my possession.

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