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Select images are now available for purchase on a variety of merchandise (t-shirts, calendars, mugs, etc) from the official "Barry's World" store. Click HERE to order! is essentially a showcase for people with advanced image manipulation skills. Their contests are geared exclusively toward skill, although humor and originality are certainly appreciated as long as there is also skill involved. The advanced contests are always themes, and entrants are give two days advance notice before the contest goes live. Until the contest goes live, all the entries are hidden, and while the contest is live the usernames of the entrants are hidden. This allows people to spend time on making their entries as good as possible without worrying about being the first one to come up with a particular idea, and it also prevents the contests from turning into popularity contests.

In addition to the advanced contests are the beginner contests (known as the "Training Grounds"). The same rules apply, but these contests usually involving manipulating a provided image rather than creating a new image based on a theme. For a long while, as I worked to improve my skills and learn new techniques, I entered both types of contests as the mood suited me. Now that I have won three gold medals in the Training Grounds, however, I am banned by site rules from ever returning there....

You may note that some later entries have the letters "GzT" faintly displayed in the lower left corner. This stands for "Godzillatemple," which is my user name over at Worth1000. Although I don't add my full copyright blurb to my entries until after the contests are over, I have recently started adding the three letters to my entries during the contest. They are hidden by the Worth1000 logo that is placed on the "regular view" versions of each entry, and are only visible to those people who choose to view the full-sized version of each entry. Not a lot of people bother to view full, sadly, so this is kind of an ''easter egg" reward for people who do go to the trouble of viewing the full-sized entry before voting.

The menu to your left contains some of what I consider to be my best entries. Click on a thumbnail image to display the full image. You can also hold your mouse cursor over a thumbnail image for a few seconds without clicking on it in order to see a brief description of the contest theme and the title of my entry.

If you just want to see the "best of the best," check out the trophy cabinet below.

You can also see the "worst of the worst" in the Cream of the Crap display case.

The little icons beneath selected thumbnail images indicate which of the following awards (if any) the entry won:

First Place - Advanced
Second Place - Advanced
Third Place - Advanced
First Place - Beginner
Second Place - Beginner
Third Place - Beginner
Jury Pick

NOTE: Since the contests at Worth1000 are, more than anything else, about quality, many of the images in my gallery are rather large (both in dimension and file size) in order to display the details. I apologize in advance to those with slow dial-up accounts.

Trophy Case
Here are the images won a prize (first, second, or third) over at Worth1000, either in the beginner contests or the advanced. Voters can be a fickle lot, and I'm not entirely convinced these are my absolute best entries. Still, I have to admit there's some pretty good stuff here....
First Place, Advanced

Second Place, Advanced

Third Place, Advanced

First Place, Beginner

Second Place, Beginner

Third Place, Beginner

Cream of the Crap
Here we have a collection of images that received extremely poor scores from the voters over at Worth1000. Sometimes it was a matter of too many similarly themed entries in a single contest, sometimes it was a matter of people not appreciating my sense of humor, but most of the time it was simply because, well, the images were crap....

Lift Squirrels

Fashion Pooch

Elephant Lifter

Crop Kitty

Rear Window

Milano Mermaid

Musical Pool

Stop! A Head!

Harriet Truman

Cave Dweller

Haunted Bowling

Redneck Mona

Paris Hil-TON

Alternate Ricky

Lead Zeppelin

Bohemian Godzilla

Early Jukebox


Wax On, Wax Off

All images copyright 2004 by Barry S. Goldberg. Feel free to download and use these images for private use, but please don't make money off of my work (i.e., I'd be flattered to see one of my pictures being used on someone else's homepage, but not as "their" winning entry in a photoshop contest!) Also, I wouldn't mind a little credit...

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